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Has Anyone Experienced Any Symptoms In Your Nasal Sinuses?
A MyPrurigoTeam Member asked a question πŸ’­

Im starting to notice the beginning stages of a septal perforation. Not sure if anyone else has experienced that along with other normal symptoms of PN.

posted February 22
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A MyPrurigoTeam Member

Oh my word. I am in nasal agony. I see the specialist soon. I pray it is something else, I really do. I just realized the sinus issue began with the purugo arrival.😩. What do you do for it?

posted February 23
A MyPrurigoTeam Member

I've had them on my nose and bump just inside... This year my sinuses are off the charts!.. but not septal perforation.

posted February 22
A MyPrurigoTeam Member

NiaBooth can you tell me if it burns when you breath in cold or hot air? I just found out Raynauds can affect the nose. I have 4 autoimmune issues so I am always trying to figure out which problem goes with which problem.πŸ™„. Thank you so much, and please do keep me updated.πŸ’™

posted February 26
A MyPrurigoTeam Member

As of now nothing unfortunately. My Derm appointment last week was rescheduled by the office but I’m thinking of calling back in to get in sooner. It’s getting worse by the day and mine too started with the onset of PN. It’s very unnerving because I’m constantly blowing my nose. Going through a roll of tp in 1-2 days. And now blood is coming up. I’ll keep you updated when I see my dermatologist.

posted February 25

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